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Designed especially for persons with vision loss, esysuite allows you to type or translate Braille in different types of documents and to print both in black ink characters as well as in Braille.

Depending on your needs and habits, the documents may be:

  • created with an esys Braille display
  • or simply imported from another application

esysuite supports following formats:

  • Word (.docx)
  • LibreOffice* (.odt)
  • plain text (.txt) or formatted (.rtf)
  • Acrobat (.pdf) files
  • Braille Duxbury (.brl)
  • etc.

In addition, the OCR module allows you to import an image and start character recognition as well as conversion into text. esysuite can also import images from a scanner and run OCR recognition. Multiple dictionaries (synonyms, encyclopedia, conjugation, foreign languages in for example English and Spanish) supports effective processing of your texts.

*LibreOffice is a powerful and free office suite, available in numerous languages ; more info and download : clic here.

esysuite and math

Math formulas
  • stable translation of Braille math into black ink characters, or vice versa
  • formulas can be created in LibreOffice (for example) and then inserted directly without any additional changes in esysuite for embossing
  • you can also type Braille math code directly in esysuite and save the file in .odt format. Saved files can be used with LibreOffice or exchanged with other fellow students and teachers.

esysuite and music

Music notes

similar to math, esysuite manages international Braille music code and also allows you to translate, display and print your music in black ink characters, Braille or a combination of both.

Compatibility and versions

  • esysuite is available for Windows and is compatible with all esys Braille display series (with 12 to 80 cells).
  • esysuite is also available in a special version for transcription centers, to be used with virtual Braille keyboards


datasheet (pdf) 

documentation files 



screen capture
Window with Braille translation and Braille “simulation keyboard”


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