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Eurobraille has been founded in 1980, under the name of MIW by Ioan MONTANE, a graduate engineer of the Polytechnicum Institute of Timisoara and PHD of the Polytechnicum Institute of Bucarest ; it initially developed electronic components and systems.

In 1988, Eurobraille introduced the Mistel, its first product designed for the blind, allowing reading of the MINITEL screen and a MS-DOS PC screen with voice synthetization and a Braille keyboard ; in 1989, it launched the BrailTel including a 20 character Braille display.

A world's first: in 2011 Eurobraille introduced esytime, the 1st braille notetaker on a Windows 7 platform, compatible with all screen readers, with access to the Internet and with a software suite dedicated to education and home applications including translation software for math, music and Grade 2 Braille (contracted Braille).