Esys series, plages connectables

esys is more than just a Braille display with a keyboard, it features internal applications such as a notepad, an agenda, an alarm-clock and a calculator, which may be used independently or with the information stored on the built-in micro SD-card.

universal connectivityConnected through Bluetooth or USB, esys assists you to use the various applications on your phone, tablet or computer such as reading or writing emails and text messages, managing your contacts or surfing the Internet ...

Compatible with all screen readers (Jaws, VoiceOver, Talk-Back / Braille-Back, SuperNova, NVDA, etc.), esys can be used with your existing hardware (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux ...)

Especially designed for the visually impaired, the duo esybraille + esys offers all the tools necessary to manage printing in Braille, black ink characters or a combination of both* (text, mathematics, music, etc.)

Choose the right model (number of cells) for your needs:

  • esys24: mobility without compromise
  • esys40: your computer's partner
  • esys64: ideal for educational and professional use
  • esys80: your choice for the work environment

We've also designed the esyslight series (24, 40 or 80 display cells, without Braille keyboard).

(see detailed documentation here)

The esys + esybraille duo

Install esybraille on your PC* to take advantage of a unique software suite, designed for the visually impaired:

  • text editing...
  • math editor with Braille translation, formula management...
  • file recovery, Braille translation as well as printing (black ink characters or Braille) of notes taken using esys...
  • integated OCR (text recognition) to convert scanned documents into text...

... and much more!

* only available in Windows environment ; printer or Braille embosser needed in addition


  • Input/output:
    • reading range depending on model 24, 40, 64 or 80 Braille cells with cursor routing keys
    • 10 key Braille keyboard
  • Navigation:
    • 2 joysticks and multiple scrolling wheels (2 for the esys24; 4 for the esys40 and esys64; 6 for the esys80)
  • Connections:
    • USB + Bluetooth + micro SD-card reader (1 card included with purchase)
  • Screen reader compatibility:
    • Jaws
    • VoiceOver
    • Talk Back
    • Supernova
    • Window-Eyes
    • Mobile Speak
    • Cobra
    • NVDA
  • OS compatibility:
    • Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10
    • Apple OSX and iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Compatible file formats:
    • .docx, .brl, .brf, .rtf, .txt, .dbt (Duxbury) and BNFA library files...
  • Applications*:
    • Notepad, Calendar, Alarm-clock, Calculator, as well as Tools (to customize user settings and update system software)
  • Energy:
    • 17 hour autonomy
    • USB charger (included)
    • On-/Off switch on Esys housing.
    • Auto sleep-mode
  • dimensions (width, depth, thickness, weight):
    • esys24 = 23.3 cm / 9.4 cm / 2.2 cm / 500 g
    • esys40 = 32.5 cm / 8.6 cm / 2.0 cm / 675 g
    • esys64 = 55.5 cm / 9.4 cm / 2.2 cm / 1200 g  
    • esys80 = 65.8 cm / 9.4 cm / 2.2 cm / 1400 g


  • esybraille (Windows): optional (recommended)
  • protective sleeve included on models esys24 and esys40
  • leather bag with shoulder strap optional for the esys24

Warranty: :

  • esys Braille displays include a 2 year warranty (additional warranty available at surcharge)

*Notepad: create or edit text or Duxbury files; support reading books from the BNFA Library; usage is simplified by functions such as "search" or "find bookmark", and the ability to create your own folders and subfolders. Alarm: set alarm, changeable depending on the day of the week. Agenda: schedule your appointments, manage contacts. Calculator: currency conversion and calculations.

These applications are pre-installed on esys12, esys24 and esys40, and available as an option for esys64 and esys80.


datasheet (pdf) 

documentation files 
documentation files 
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documentation files 


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