esytime, Braille notetaker and computer

esytime  is a new generation Braille device, it is both a notetaker, Braille computer and a Braille display all-in-one, compact and autonomous.

esytime is equipped with a 32-character Braille display, a 10 key Braille keyboard, 2 joysticks, 8 function buttons and a exchangeable battery providing up to 13 hours autonomy.

esytime is available in two versions: esytime standard, equipped with 32 cursor routing keys for Braille display navigation and the optical esytime, equipped with a new patented optical navigation which responds to the movements of the fingers for reading, moving the cursor or validate menu selections.

A true Braille computer

Windows 7 provides the stability of esytime. NVDA screen reader is standard and ready to use. Alternatively, you can install Jaws, Supernova, Cobra... or other compatible Windows software needed and of course connect your peripherals (printers, scanners...). There are no more software compatibility issues or preferred file formats!

You can also browse the Internet or manage your email anywhere using Wifi... No need to have both a PC and a Braille notetaker with you: esytime is enough!

Using its Braille terminal mode, esytime can be connected to your personal or business computer with a standard screen reader for reading, working and navigation

esysuite, the ideal addition to esytime

esysuite is a very powerful optional software suite for the esytime, designed especially for the educational environment.

It transforms your esytime into a notetaker which operates independently from Windows 7.

esysuite is easy to keep up to date and is regularly upgraded with new modules and features to meet the evolving needs of Braille users. It requires no previous computer knowledge and it has its own high quality speech synthesizer.

esysuite consists of several software modules:

  • esynote: manage all types of Braille in the same document, such as 8-dot computer Braille, Grade 1 and Grade 2 (contracted Braille), math Braille code (integrates scientific calculations) and international Braille music code. It is possible to create a single printable document in Braille or in black ink characters. esynote makes the conversion to optimize black ink printing.
  • esyfile: use the file manager to organize your files, folders and subfolders.
  • esyschool: manage your schedule and the tasks in the student assignment booklet.
  • esycalc: calculator.
  • esyOCR: combined with a simple scanner, allows you to scan documents and display their content in Braille or as audio output. esyOCR converts your esytime to a reading machine.
  • esymath is a unique tool to learn math and to work on math problems transcribing math formula from black ink characters to Braille and vice versa.

esysuite also features access to Internet, an audio- and Daisy player!


  • 32 Braille cells
  • Navigation with optical Sensors (optical version) or cursor routing keys (standard version)
  • 10 key Braille keyboard
  • 2 joysticks
  • Intel Atom N2600 Dual Core processor
  • Windows 7 Home Premium & Office Starter
  • Installed software: NVDA, LibreOffice
  • 2GB ram
  • 320GB hard disk drive
  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 mini USB port
  • SD-card reader
  • VGA port
  • Ethernet port
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • WiFi
  • Integrated stereo loudspeakers & microphone
  • Audio in / out
  • Anti-theft protection (cable lock slot)
  • Exchangeable battery (8 hours autonomy)
  • Protection case
  • Size: 26 x 18 x 2,5 cm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Jaws
  • Supernova Access suite
  • Window-Eyes
  • Cobra
  • VoiceOver Mac
  • Linux
  • NVDA


  • esysuite software
  • Windows 7 Pro upgrade
  • External DVD±RW
  • High capacity battery (13 hours autonomy)
  • 256 GB SSD drive
  • All Windows compatible software or devices
  • Flat panel screen 14 inch USB
  • EmPrint or EmBraille personal embosser
  • Extended Warranty


datasheet (pdf) 

and software
documentation and software for esytime and esysuite


esytime frontside and pictures of its connections right and left hand side
esytime: upper left corner
esytime: upper right corner
esytime: partly detailed picture of the backside
esytime: detailed picture of light indicators (battery status, wifi and operation)


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